June 2013 Edition

‘Godzilla of the Atlantic’ - How Antiguan Eco-warriors Are Tackling the Scourge of Lionfish

lionfish1Know what the biggest threat currently facing Antigua's marine ecosystem is? No, it’s not garbage disposal, oil spills or even over-fishing. Lionfish might look beautiful with their vibrant red stripes and resplendent pectoral fins but they’re deadly to our environment. And, if experts are to be believed, these invasive, insidious creatures could wipe out coral reefs as we know them. Notoriously bad neighbours – they’d make Ted Bundy look like a more appealing room-mate – they can gobble their way through around 20 smaller fish in just half an hour. Lionfish are renowned for eating anything that can fit in their mouths - including groupers, lobsters and algae-munching parrotfish, allowing seaweed to overtake the reefs. With no known predators – and the capacity by each female to produce a staggering two million eggs a year – their numbers are booming. Lionfish can grow up to 15 inches long, weigh up to three pounds and have a lifespan of 15 years.

How they arrived in our waters, no one knows for sure. Native to the Pacific and Indian oceans, they were most likely released by unwitting aquarium owners. But they’ve made the alarming transition from fish-tank curio to one of the biggest ecological disasters in recent history with startling speed. This week, Antigua’s waters are home to 77 less of them thanks to a mass cull last Sunday organised by local environmentalists. The Antigua Conservation Society joined forces with representatives from Mamora Bay Divers and St James’s Club to undertake a blitz. Six boats took to the ocean to compete for the biggest catch. Victorious was Mamora Bay Divers’ team of eight who snared 28 lionfish from the Indian Creek area. The win netted them EC$1,000 cash, donated by St James’s Club. In second place was Soul Immersions, with Tin Tin in third.


Eli Fuller, of the Antigua Conservation Society, said he was pleased with the event’s success. “Everyone had a really good time and we definitely plan on doing more hunts. The main concern is that lionfish are killing off all the juvenile fish. They are voracious eaters with no known predators; to keep numbers down we need to do a blitz every three to four months. We are planning the next one for September.” 

Anyone interested in taking part in future culls can email for details. The introduction of lionfish into the Atlantic Ocean is now recognised as one of the worst ecological disasters of the last two decades. Today lionfish are found in nearly all marine habitats in the south-east United States, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean. Densities of lionfish have surpassed some native reef fish in many locations. The ecological impacts are far-reaching, from disruptions to the structure and function of reef communities to impacts on commercial fishing and the tourism industry.

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For more than three decades Piet Boon has been infusing his magic into properties across the globe. The acclaimed designer’s name is associated with luxury homes and hotels, restaurants and resorts throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Piet-BoonThe 55-year-old from Amsterdam is famed for his distinctive exterior and interior styles, which range from a private residential resort in South Korea to golf-club villas in South Africa. Little surprise then that he was hand-picked to lend his clean-lined custom creativity to one of Antigua’s most exclusive and eagerly-anticipated developments. Boon’s latest project is the pristine paradise of Pearns Point, a stretch of untouched hillside on the west coast of the island, boasting some of the country’s finest vistas and secluded white sand beaches. No stranger to the region, Boon says he uses each location’s unique characteristics as the inspiration for his work. “I’m travelling so much, and I get a lot of inspiration by seeing the flow and feeling of these different places,” he recently told US lifestyle magazine Surface. “We try to study how the people live, the way they think, and then design for the culture and environment. For instance, in the Caribbean, where I’ve done a lot of work, a lot of houses were completely closed because of the air conditioning.

Pearns Point by Luxury Locations Antigua