The man behind the lens – Alex Andre Rhodes

For talented Antigua-born photographer Alex, capturing the island’s stunning scenery on camera has long been a passion. With a natural eye for composition and an innate artistic flair, his work encompasses everything from portraits to landscapes, architecture, weddings and events.

Alex joined the Luxury Locations team in spring 2013 and is the man behind the lens in much of the magazine’s spectacular imagery. When he’s not taking pictures, he’s hard at work with his computer maintenance and repairs company. But it’s photography that captures his imagination and remains his primary mode of relaxation. “My favourite thing to do on a Sunday is collect a couple of models and go somewhere to shoot some pictures - anywhere that’s a little off the beaten track,” he says. “I love Nelson’s Dockyard too.”

Alex’s technological skills are likely to come in handy as he develops his business into the arena of video. “I am looking to increase the categories I can offer my clients in order to grow my company – I plan to branch out into video editing next.” Alex, who lives in Liberta and has an eight-year-old daughter, is predominantly self-taught. Since founding AR Photography in 2008, his assignments have taken him all over the region, to St Kitts, Dominica, Barbados and St Martin, to name a few. But his heart remains firmly in his homeland. “What I love most about Antigua is the culture, the people and how they interact. The way they think and do things is totally different from anywhere else I have been in the world. Antigua is truly unique. Also, it’s a Christian country and you feel that everywhere.”

Alex can be contacted by emailing .

by Gemma Handy

Alex Andre Rhodes photography AntiguaAlex Andre Rhodes photography Antigua